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A device that allows the user to dial preprogrammed numbers by a voice command.

HH- Voice Dialer

  • You have to Schedule an Appointment for Product.

    *Requires a Landline*

    Device specification/description may vary depending on device availability. 

    This assistive device assists individuals with vision impairment or diminished motion control to use the phone. Dialer works with all types of phones, including remote control speakerphones. 

    General Specifications:

    • Easy connection between your phone and the phone line
    • Works with any phone.
    • During a call, voice dialing can be activated again for use with online banking services, customer service calls, etc.
    • Microphone sensitivity setting (headset/speakerphone)
    • 45 digits per number allows for international calls
    • Vocally responds in nine different and optional languages
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